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Tinder Has Come Up With A New Feature That Would Let You Avoid People Who Know You


Tinder has come up with a new feature that would let you avoid people who know you.

Running into your ex-boyfriend, colleague or relative on dating apps is a constant fear one lives with. But not anymore if you are using Tinder as the company has come up with a new feature that would let you avoid people who already know you outside the app. The company has announced that it will let Tinder users block their phone contacts.

It is not a pleasant feeling to run into your cousin or your ex-boyfriend on a dating app. That is your personal space and you would not want anyone to know about it unless you yourself decide to tell people. Until now, there was no other way to escape people you already know outside the app. It is because the app you are using does not know who you are connected with. The apps are not even synced with the social media sites like Facebook or Instagram to help you dodge the friends who are already a part of your social circle. But Tinder has introduced a great way to avoid people by blocking their numbers.

Tinder said in its blog

“Want to try to avoid seeing someone on Tinder? With Block Contacts, you can do just that. Share your device’s contact list with Tinder, select a contact you want to block, and we’ll do our best to prevent you from seeing each other,”

How it works.

The process is completely voluntary, and you will not be forced to opt-in to the feature. The app will only prevent the contacts from crossing the paths that you choose to block on the app. However, blocked contacts won’t be notified that you have blocked them. Blocking someone would also not affect your existing matches or messages.

However, If someone uses different contact info to sign in to the app, Tinder will not be able to prevent you from running into that person. But if users don’t want to grant access to your contacts, Tinder also offers a manual contact entry option.

The blog said:

“If you opt into the feature, we use your contact list so that you can quickly and easily select contacts you’d like to avoid on Tinder. Each time you visit Block Contacts, we’ll pull your list of contacts from your device so that you can pick who you would like to block. When you leave the feature, we’ll only keep the contact information for the people you have blocked (name, email and/or phone number). We’ll use this information to help prevent you from seeing your blocked contacts and from them seeing you (assuming they created an account with the same contact info you uploaded),”