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Galaxy Backbone To Bridge Technology Gap Between Nigerian Government And Its Citizens

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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The integrated information communication technology company for federal government, Galaxy Backbone has pledged its determination to support Nigerian government in bridging the gap between it and the citizens.

Managing Director of Galaxy Backbone, Mr. Gerald Ilukwe made the pledge at the opening of the Social Media Week which took place at the Lagos e-Learning Centre recently.
He told the audience that the platform facilitated the improved engagement between the federal government, its agencies and the people of the country.

Amara Nakwa ,Head of Marketing at Galaxy Backbone said that the role of the Federal Government in the digital age is to provide connectivity to over 350 government ministries, departments and agencies . had about 4,000 nodes that would quicken their activities.

According to Nakwa ,’s key objective is to facilitate efficient and effective service delivery to the citizens of the country. For instance prompt processing of travelers at the Immigrations’ desk or issuance of drivers’ licenses, to prompt payment of workers’ salaries, to efficient conduct of the Federal Executive Council deliberations, Galaxy Backbone is enhancing e-government and good governance in Nigeria.

He futher said that their team would support the Petroleum Equalisation Fund to track the movement of petroleum products from the various depots in the country, facilitating accountability in ensuring the uniform pricing of these products across the nation”

He pointed out that the current initiatives on the platform most relevant to the social media discussions were the Government Contact Centre (GCC) and the National Single Window Portal (SWP), which will provide electronic channels for citizens and other stakeholders to access information and services being provided by the various ministries, departments and agencies.
He also said that Galaxy Backbone is managing the execution of these soon-to-be launched initiatives on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Communications Technology.

He explained that Galaxy Backbone’s services also help improve government’s internal efficiency by making it more effective and responsive. He added that other initiatives carried out include the Electronic Documents Management System/Council Chambers Automation System (EDMS/CCAS) that is transforming the mode of preparing council memos from manual to digital; and the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) that has changed the payroll system to reduce incidence of fraud and time spent on computation of workers’ salaries.

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