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Kenya’s Dash2do Wants To Get Your Tasks Done Conveniently

by Okii Eli
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dash2doDash2do, Kenya’s Taskrabbit wants to do errands you don’t have time for as you run your office, crib or party.

The team told TechMoran they want to make sure busy people here in Nairobi and the Diaspora get almost anything done for them such as shopping, virtual assignments, taxis, home and office cleaning, gift buying and delivery.

Dash2do was launched late last year by Sam Wanjohi of Foresight Group.  Sam quit his civil engineering job in the US to concentrate fully into interior design and technology, finding Foresight Ventures, an interior design firm and Dash2do.

Speaking to TechMoran, Wanjohi said,”Dash2do is spearheaded by a network of staff assigned under different departments to be at service to clients, such as cab drivers who get SMS notifications whenever a client books, parcel and courier staff to pick and deliver clients packages, laundry attendants and office cleaners on stand-by.”

Dash2do notifies a client and the staff assigned on the progress of the task via SMS and through an Android app recently launched at the just concluded Mobile Web East Africa conference in Nairobi.

According to Wanjohi, clients need not be high-class, as the Dash2do has a variety of errands requiring different skills set.

There are simple tasks like shopping, packaging and delivery, cab services or virtual tasks.

Dash2do gives convenience to busy blue-collar or business people and is a source of income to those who want to be part of the dedicated team.

To use Dash2do, one has to sign up on their website, top up their account and choose what it is they want done and pay for it via PayPal, Mpesa, Yucash and Airtel Money.

Dash2do is available on the web, as an App on the Google Play Store.

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