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Japan’s NEC Abandons Smartphone Business

by Sam Wakoba
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NECJapan’s NEC Corporation has abandoned its smartphone business to concentrate on wireless communications, terminals and human interfaces for the mobile phone handset business in order to strengthen its Social Solutions Business.

The firms aid, “NEC’s mobile phone handset shipments are following a downward trend and it is difficult to foresee improved performance in the future. In light of these circumstances, NEC reached this decision to review its mobile phone handset business following a comprehensive examination of the business’ direction.”

NEC will also continue developing and producing conventional mobile phone handsets. Furthermore, NEC will utilize NEC Saitama, Ltd. for its Social Solutions Business, as well as the production of conventional mobile phone handsets for the Japanese market.

NEC’s Social Solutions Business provides advanced social infrastructure capitalizing on information and communications technologies (ICT).

The Japanese firm will however have provide maintenance and support services for its existing smartphones and will continue operating its tablet business.
NEC will reposition NEC CASIO Mobile Communications employees, except those who continue to engage in business operations, within the NEC Group, centering on the Social Solutions Business.

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