India’s Clutter Free Launches To Take On Facebook

homepageVibbler is a new social network just launched in India by a six man team based out of Mumbai with a mission to create a world where people have more meaningful conversations with different relationships in their lives.
Led by Sahil Bhagat, the now invite only site wants to be India’s first clutter free, personal social network.

According to the team, “Each day, you play different roles in your relationships with others. Professionally, you may simultaneously be one person’s manager, someone else’s employee, and a third person’s mentor. In your personal life, you may find yourself juggling different roles as a parent, son or daughter, husband or wife, and friend. You share different moments and experiences in each of these roles everyday. If our real life works like this, why shouldn’t your interaction online work the same way?”

The team add that Vebbler is built on the core philosophy that people and relationships are not one dimensional, and therefore built ground-up on a Crowd Layering Model (CLM) whereby users can share different types of content with different spaces without one aspect of your life spilling into another.

The personal network promises users can connect with the people who matter most to them and have a space they can be and express themselves freely to friends and loved ones. They add that it is also a great place to have public and interest related conversations.

Vebbler features include Clubs which allow users to add a person into different groups say family, workmates,  friends etc with ability to have 500 members in each club to avoid mixing them together. Another feature Followers, allows one to interact with his or her followers and can have both private and public interactions. The third feature Wavetags  are Hashtag like and allow users to have waves or real-time conversations on what interests them and use the Wave-O-Meter to see the interests popularity.