Nigeria’s Uju Doxa Launches To Change The We Live Our Lives Forever


trofA new online gospel community, has today launched in Nigeria to change the way we live our lives forever, and bring sanity to the internet, praise God!

Trofay wants to start a new revolution with Godly health, beauty, technology, sportsnews and much more. Trofay brings a marriage of religion and technology, demonstrating the impact technology can have on spreading of the gospel of Jesus.

“We are more than a blog/News website; we want to cause a revolution,” said Uju Doxa,a student Pastor and Trofay’s representative.

“On trofay, people will discover a life of Godly health, beauty, technology, sports and much more, openly discussing issues of interests both in local and world religion,” Doxa added.

Trofay this week  looked at Oprah Winfrey’s trip to Porters House “Megafest” and how it affects the view of Christianity in America and has profiled several Men of God, both in Nigeria and Africa. They are found on Facebook as Trofay Speaks and on twitter as @trofayspeaks, connecting to the world and to the people. If you need more info, drop them a mail at [email protected]