20-Year-Olds Set To Launch Webdesk.co.ke To Disrupt Higher Learning In Africa For Good


webdesklogo-1Founded this year by three young Kenyans, Victoria Njirithia (20), Allan Juma (24) and Kageni Wilson (24),  WebDesk is a cross-boundary learning platform that expects to disrupt the way education is delivered and improve study and interactions between students and teachers in institutions of higher learning in Africa when it goes live in a few weeks.

According to the founders,” 25 percent of the average college lifecycle was wasted on logistics. As an example; a student’s scramble to consolidate notes, plan study sessions and secure the right materials for an exam rivals time spent on actual study for the exam. 3 young tech enthusiasts observed the need and developed a great solution.”

Using Webdesk students are expected to eliminate all the logistical hurdles so as they focus on the actual learning. Its technology is expected to foster the creation of smarter campuses and collaborative environments with tools and services that connect everyone.

“Our platform increases efficiency in institutions of higher learning, opens up new intelligence channels allowing them to make data-driven decisions and reduces the overhead cost of delivering education.” says CEO Kageni Wilson.

Kageni also notes that their system will help universities become greener by reducing paper consumption.

“We are actively seeking partners and look forward to working with universities to tailor the platform to their needs and get a Webdesk account for every student and teacher,” Kageni added.

WebDesk uses cloud computing technology to seamlessly integrate multiple academic tools and resources in one online environment to foster knowledge sharing  and collaboration. It contains a set of world class plug and play e-learning facilities ranging from a document and eBook library for the schools’ digital content to an inbuilt video-lesson facility that allows easy, interactive live-streaming and recording of lectures by teachers.

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Webdesk also automatically notifies students via SMS when anything in the time table changes or when new resources relevant to them are deposited by the teachers.