Now You Can Spend Less Time In The Hospital, Thanks To Afya Digital Doctor



Dactari Health Solutions has partnered with the Kenya Medical Women’s Associations (KMWA) to provide the Afya Digital Doctor (ADD).

The solution will be provided by Dactari Health organization that provides health IT solutions and is based in Nairobi Kenya.

The ADD it is created for independent practitioners’ and clinics to help co-ordinate all management processes within a consulting office therefore minimizing the time spent on routine tasks such as sorting through billing and managing patient records.

For both parties to equally benefit, KMWA will aid in the roll-out of ADD to its members and the medical fraternity as a whole. Beyond the responsibilities that each partner carries, this venture offers revenue benefits for both KMWA and Dactari Health Ltd.

The revenue gained by KMWA will help to further its mission and vision as it propels into its decade of existence and service to the vulnerable members of society especially women and children.

The announcement of this partnership is very timely as it comes in a season where KMWA is commemorating a praiseworthy milestone of 30 years in existence. The highlight of those significant anniversary will climax with the organization’s Scientific Symposium to be held on November 9th this year.

Embracing IT developments underscores KMWA’s commitment to positively stepping forward into the future and positioning itself to “remain on the front line making, education and implementation of programs as pertains to vision 2030

This will truly help in the public hospitals, there has been so many cases of sick people collapsing in the waiting queue. This program will also be a whole lot of benefit for the people leaving in the marginal areas instead of travelling all the way to Nairobi to get medical attention for something minor, a video conferencing would do a great deal. A patient will not have to come to the city or travel so far unless they have serious ailments. However, it will become a little challenging when it comes to medicine but the two parties have confirmed to be having something up their sleeve as they are in talks with a number of organisations including NGO’s to further improve the service.