Be A Judge In Tusker Project Fame Through


project fame is the official exciting entertainment platform that increases fan influence over certain aspects of Tusker Project Fame 6. It gives fans access to exciting season news and content. This new mobisite will ensure that contestants and their fans are linked, and their fates intertwined.

Fortunately or unfortunately the mobisite is only for fans of Tusker Lager and Tusker Project Fame who are 18 years and older, well according to the ‘authorities’.  It was developed by Trigger Isobar, Tusker’s Digital Engagement agency, to plug Tusker fans into the various activities the brand is rolling out.

“ as a platform will have several features relating to entertainment. These features are being released in phases, the first of which is Be The Judge. Be the Judge  is open from 13th September 2013 to 17th September 2013,  and it will allow users to determine the fate of Tusker Project Fame 6 contestants. Fans will have the power to decide who gets the final place in the Top 25 from a list provided by judges. Fans will need to register as users and then vote on whom they think deserves the final spot in the Top 25,” Says Athman Matano- Group Digital Brand Manager, EABL,

Another introduction that ran Concurrently is News and Downloads. On this one, registered users will have first-hand access to downloads of Tusker Project Fame 6 news as well as the opportunity to comment and add opinion.

When the contestants enter the Academy, a feature called Be the Producer will come alive; it will create an opportunity for registered users to produce their own group from a set number of eliminated contestants. The group combination with the most votes will get to perform at the final show.

Online Votings for the show will be possible on dut to popular demand. Users will need to register on the platform to cast their online votes, these votes will be combined with existing text message voting to determine the winners.

Finally Tusker will bring you the Top Star Maker which they will use to reward interaction and engagement on the platform. One interaction on is equivalent to one point. Interactions are: downloads, shares, comments, article views and votes. The more the user interacts, the more points they will receive. At the end of Tusker Project Fame 6, Top Star Makers will win a trip to watch the final of Tusker Project Fame 6 in Nairobi.

“Rolling out is part of our fresh approach to bringing Tusker fans closer to their favourite music TV reality show. This mobisite is the place to go for news, views and highlights of Tusker Project Fame 6. We’re even rewarding the site users for doing what they love! Click, chat, watch, share, download; these are some of the keywords that point to a truly world class interactive site. The more you visit and explore the site the more your chances of winning great rewards. Keep it for more,” Says Antony Esyalai- Marketing Manager, Tusker.

This competition has always managed to steal a great deal of attention, how better can they make it now that technology is involved not to mention even the new host (that is if she really is the host).