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South Africans Are Still Hesitant About Cloud Computing

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Technology is growing endlessly making cloud computing the in thing as shown in the Gartner’s recently-concluded Symposium and ITXpo. Although MTN, a South African mobile operator, has a number of cloud offerings, Gartner believes that the country still lags behind other developing countries.

The General Manager for MTN, Navi Naidoo,  enterprise Solutions Implementation said that South Africans still have the apprehension when it came to adopting the cloud. He added that a country like Brazil stands a better position when it came to adoption, implementation and execution.

“For us at MTN, we find that very strange, as we have a very good infrastructure to support cloud and broadband prices are coming down. Software as a Service (Saas) is also key, but that can only work if you adopt a cloud into your strategy,” he added.

The Mobile network operator’s aim is to get as many users as it possibly can, to connect to the internet viewing mobile technology as an important catalyst.

“Mobile is an integral business tool, as it allows businesses to make informed decisions easily and very quickly. We are on the cusp of a new digital world, and it’s very exciting times for our customers. Many things can be done by being connected to the internet from a mobile device, but you need a quality network in order to reap the benefits,” said the GM.

“Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a trend that can’t be stopped – it needs to be embraced going forward, but it does present businesses with some challenges. With technology ever-changing, the numerous advantages do outweigh the disadvantages.”

When we talk about South Africa, what would come out in any person’s mind is a country that is more developed and not having internet seem to be a ‘crime’. It is quite a surprising thing that such a country could actually start questioning mobile internet. It seems like an everyday thing. However being the case, one might not fail to ask if MTN is the only mobile internet provider, because it could be that more people prefer other operator services to theirs.

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