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Samsung Launches Online Study Platform in Sudan University

by Vince Matinde
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Dubbed the Smart School, the new platform launched in Ahfad University for Women in Khartoum in Africa will enable lecturers and students have interactive study sessions, hence improving on the quality of education.

With this new initiative, students can log in to their account and access information from anywhere. The initiative also opened a computer hub where students can access information. The initiative will have the following components:

  • Interactive management solution: This allows teachers to deliver content to students and share screens, and enable them to monitor student progress and conduct group activities, and run tests or instant polls.
  • Learning management system: This provides educational materials and content, such as e-textbooks and learning apps.
  • Student information system: This helps teachers track individual student progress, attendance, and other important student information.

“Sudan’s future rests on the potential of its youth, and how much of that potential is unlocked”, says Mr. Kyoung IL Min, Managing Director, Samsung Sudan.

“With this in mind, we are very pleased to be able to contribute to changing the face of teaching and learning in Sudan by bringing our solutions to schools like the Ahfad University for Women,” he added.

“While technology alone cannot ensure quality education, it is critical that students in Sudan are immersed in a technology-rich environment from as early on as possible”, Kea’ Modimoeng, Public Affairs Manager, Samsung Electronics Africa weighed in.

Earlier this month, British Council in collaboration with Microsoft launched the Badiliko learning initiative for primary schools in eight countries in Africa.

More private entities are realizing the importance of having ICT integrated with education. This has seen many initiatives being launched in the continent.

The big worry is that with everyone doing their own thing, there might be a clash of agenda in terms of implementing and agreeing on a standard base.

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