CEO Weekends: Investigative Company Launches Sleek Spy Camera Competition

surveilance watch

A private investigation firm is for the first time offering all Facebook users in Kenya a chance to win and walk away with a give-away prize of a digital wrist watch that spies use to nab fraudsters or cheating spouses.

The gadget on offer that comes as a digital wrist watch that contains a spy camera and an android 4.0 phone with two original LI-ON rechargeable batteries worth 26,000 of which Facebook users have up to 10th November 2013 to win the prize based on the number of likes their personal photos posted on the company’s Facebook timeline have.

At a time when fraud in organizations, truant debtors who refuse with your money and infidelity in marriages has become the talk of day, the Premier Private Investigations & Consultation Company established itself in 2010 in Karen, Nairobi backed with the aim to play “big brother” using state of art spy technology.

According to the company, giving their investigative team a phone call and having a brief meeting at a convenient place would have them do for you as a client various tasks. For instance, they claim to be able to spy on your child, spouse, track a lost phone, or track activities that go on in any given organization using state of art hidden cameras, observation and tracking skills.

More so, the organization states that it is aware of legal procedures and the application of in-depth evidence, in addition to having the ability to access a global base of resources and contacts all used to trace records and movements in and out of Nairobi. Backed with ample of experience, the team creates “an all round perspective on any situation, utilizing every private investigation tool and technique available.

While attending to at least two people in a month depending on the intensity of the cases presented, they have been able to assist clients track “wrong doers” through diverse tactics. They say some of the most intense areas of private investigations and the most commonly requested is that of matrimonial services that help clients see the state of their relationship.

Their services and the rising number of clients have made them set negotiable prices for their services, rich or poor.

“It depends with the case; we first analyse the case, which is a process and negotiate on the cost,” explains an attendant of the company during a phone conversation.

As advancement, the new sleek watch competition could perhaps fuel the act of fraudsters, monitor rebellious kids or cheating spouses, to mention a few activities.

Competition initiators advise participants to get their friends both from Kenya or abroad to “like” their photos.

And once the final decision is made by the judges, based on the total number of likes, the winner would be announced on 15th November 2013. But if the winner is not too impressed with the android spy watch, he or she can walk away with a cash prize worth KSh26,000.