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19-Year-Old Kenyan Starts Company to Eradicate Electronic Waste in Africa

Alex Mativo
Alex Mativo

Alex Mativo,19, and  a student at the University of Nairobi in Kenya pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science has founded E-Lab, a startup founded that aims at eradicating electronic waste in Nairobi Kenya, then expand to cities in Africa.

Mativo, E-Lab’s CEO told TechMoran, E-waste is “a rather new environmental problem due to Africa’s exponential growth in the number of mobile phone users and electronics over the last couple of years.”

He therefore founded E-Lab to promote a culture of safe and responsible e-waste disposal among Kenyans.

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“Instead of the old system of collecting and dumping. We will use art as a platform for this initiative where we seek to transform this hazardous e-waste into innovative products such as art pieces, jewellery, shoes and sculptures.”


The startup will then use the art pieces, jewellery and shoes for an anti-jigger campaigns in rural areas of Kenya. Copper and other metallic materials will be channeled to the “juakali”, Kenya’s informal artisan industry to produce metallic money boxes which E-lab aims to use in a campaign to promote saving among the youth. The process will also give youths jobs across the country.

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 Mativo also added that he is keen on partnering with mobile service providers in Kenya who are responsible for over 3000 tons of e-waste generated annually to set up an art challenge for the youth age 15-22. The  challenge will ask the youth to identify electronic waste in their surroundings and transform it into creative art pieces.
Sam Wakoba
Sam Wakoba
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