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Ugandans Ridicule An Indiegogo Campaign Raising Funds To Take Joseph Kony Down

JosephKony_alt1A new campaign on Indiegogo aims to raise money for research and innovation to help take down Joseph Kony, Uganda’s cult terrorist for over two decades and now world’s most wanted man in all of Africa with a reward of $15 million for his head and of his two lieutenants.

Organized by Robert Young Pelton, a Canadian adventurer with war experiences in Afghanistan and Somalia, crowd fund dubbed Dangerous want to raise$450,000 to take former soldiers to track down the war criminal.

According to the campaign page, the team is made up of committed individuals with professional support that want to locate Kony and turn him in.

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“We are launching a new media venture called “Dangerous” to support this idea of finding the facts, causing direct action and doing good. “Dangerous” is a multimedia real world participatory platform for engaged people who are tired of witnessing” atrocities.”

The team will hire locals and volunteers to research, gather ground truth directly and electronically through print and social media.

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With over $8,000 raised to his $450,000, Pelton is sure he will set up a system that will help nab the Lord Resistance Army’s head who, with his cruel army has killed, maimed, raped and kidnapped several thousands of innocent children, women and men and over 380,000 reportedly misplaced.

We talked to a number of friends in Kampala about these and they think the three gentlemen are just seeking attention and will not track the man down whom the country’s troops have failed to arrest for over two decades.

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Sam Wakoba
Sam Wakoba
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