Liquid Telecom Kenya to Continue to Power Kenyan Learning Institution


Fibre cables

Kenya Education Network (KENET) has renewed its contract with Liquid Telecom Kenya in the provision of internet connectivity for learning and research institutions in Kenya.

KENET is an umbrella body that is mandated to connect Kenya’s public learning institution to the internet.

It is one of the largest purchasers of wholesale capacity in Kenya and currently connects more than 134 separate campuses using commercial leased lines and KENET-owned last mile links.

“Liquid Telecom Kenya now supplies up to 80% of the commercial leased lines capacity and was chosen because of its extensive fibre network across Kenya, its ability to provide international connectivity and its responsive service record to date with KENET,” Liquid said in a statement.

Prof. Meoli Kashorda, the Executive Director of KENET, said “Affordable and reliable broadband connectivity is now essential for supporting learning, teaching, research and automation in our member institutions. Liquid Telecom Kenya continues to be our primary provider of reliable and affordable broadband leased lines”.

“This expanded deal with KENET demonstrates that we are a force to be reckoned with in the Kenyan telecoms market,” Ben Roberts, Acting Managing Director of Liquid Telecom Kenya, said.