Home Tech Alcatel-Lucent And YooMee Partner To Expand Broadband In West And Central Africa

Alcatel-Lucent And YooMee Partner To Expand Broadband In West And Central Africa



The West and Central Africa will soon have a broadband explosion, as their internet broadband will soon be expanded with credits going to the partnership between Alcatel-Lucent and aYooMee (former 4G Africa).

The two parties have the intention of taking the area wireless broadband to the next level based on TDD LTE to West and Central Africa.

Cameroon’s YooMee Africa, will use Alcatel-Lucent equipment when expanding as its main partner.

Alcatel-Lucent,on the other hand, will enable YooMee Africa to expand into new African market by offering TDD LTE ultra-broadband wireless access.

YooMee has every intention in assembling TDD LTE in the new market in the next six months. They expect to build about 35 to 50 sites per capital city before assembling in remaining cities of the countries it operates in.

Alcatel-Lucent will deploy a complete end-to-end TDD LTE solution consisting of eNBs, Wireless Backhaul and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).  The Company will also provide professional services such as network planning, pre-launch optimisation, network integration, and start-up assistance services to accompany YooMee with its commercial rollout.

“YooMee is committed to helping eliminate the digital divide in Africa and providing ultra-broadband accessibility as the means to accomplishing that goal. In addition to our efforts in Cameroon, we plan to deploy TDD LTE in other countries in which YooMee is holding the relevant licenses in the coming years,” said Dov Bar-Gera, CEO of YooMee Africa.

Daniel Jaeger, Vice-President of Alcatel-Lucent in Africa said: “The choice of Alcatel-Lucent by YooMee confirms our leadership in LTE and specifically our market leadership in Africa. We have shown that we can adapt to the different requirements of service providers in Africa by offering the products, services and expertise to meet their need. This solution leverages both our Wireless and our IP leadership capabilities to provide exactly what YooMee needed for their plans. We look forward to working alongside YooMee as they expand ultra-broadband service in Sub-Saharan Africa.”