Kenya’s Mchanga Goes Global With New Adumu Beta­ App

mchanga1 Pioneer mobile-­based fundraiser management tool, M­Changa has launched a new app that will make it possible for fundraisers to raise money from people around the world.
Available on the Google Playstore, Mchanga says Adumu is world’s first jumping based fundraising app giving campaign organizers ability to invite their supporters to turn their physical enthusiasm into real contributions by jumping for their favorite cause. M­Changa’s Adumu Beta is now available worldwide on the Google Play store.
“M­Changa is about putting useful and innovative fundraising tools in the hands of our customers,” said CEO and Co­Founder Kyai Mullei, “With M­Changa’s Adumu Beta, we’ve peered into the future, and started to examine what tomorrow’s fundraising experiences will look like.”
The initiative has its roots in the founders’ quest to create unique methods of engaging contributors. Adumu, which means “rise up together” in the local Masai language, draws on the advanced capabilities of mobile technology, as well as traditional African culture.

adumuInspired by the competitive dance in which Masai warriors jump to test their endurance, M­Changa’s Adumu Beta allows anyone in the world to ”jump” with their community and raise funds for a cause. Once the app is downloaded from the Google Play store anyone may­­literally­­jump and contribute, or create their own fundraiser which can be made public and sorted by geographical area.

“The key to receiving contributions is engagement and many of our most powerful engagements are physical,” said CTO and Co­Founder David Mark, “with Adumu Beta, we are allowing our customers to bridge a digital experience and make it tangible in the real world.”

Adumu has already been used at family gatherings, benefit concerts and charity events in New York and Nairobi.