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Microsol Project Produces Electricity, Drinking Water and Heat Simultaniously In Remote Regions

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In a bid to produce energy, drinking water and heat simultaneously to benefit micro-industries located in rural areas in Kenya and other countries experiencing high levels of sunshine in Africa, Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management has launched the Microsol project.

According to Schneider Electric a single Microsol installation, which is involves modular solar technology producing both electricity and water, produces 50 MWh of electricity, 1,000 m3 of drinking water, and about 800 MWh of thermal energy per year, benefits about 1,000 residents in remote regions and has a lifespan of up to 20 years.

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At a time when areas in Kenya have been hardly hit by scarcity of water with other areas having illegal electricity connections, it is noted that the project would begin in Kenya as the first East African country.

The project’s idea is based on thermodynamics, that applies the principle of cogeneration of electricity and heat, which focuses its constraints on the design of thermal storage that uses environment-friendly products, at the same time promising to satisfy needs of inhabitants in rural areas.

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Apart from meeting needs of local residents, Microsol can help micro-producers in the food, textile and paper industries with processing raw materials.

While in the tourism industry, it can provide energy needed for many premium services such as electricity for refrigeration, security, heat for hot water laundry or heating or water for drinking or cooking.

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The project would kick of for trials starting next year 2014 ahead of a 2015 commercial launch.



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