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CEO Weekends: Cloud Technology Is Bound To Africa By Storm,Says Cisco Report

by Caroline Vutagwa
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A study “Cloud in Africa: Reality Check 2013” done by Cisco and World Wide Worx indicated that by 2014 organizations in Africa will have made  considerable investments in cloud services.

The study cases were south Africa, Kenya  and Nigeria, where 57 percent of the respondents expressed high confidence in the reliability and security of the cloud and only 10 percent  think contrary to this.

As of now, 50 percent of medium and large business already use cloud services in South Africa, 48 percent in Kenya and 36 percent in Nigeria. Cisco projects that Nigeria will dramatically overtake South Africa with 80 percent of the country’s businesses adopting cloud services by 2014.

What is notable in the report is:-

  • Storage remains the most popular cloud solution at 28 percent among the surveyed companies
  • Currently the Private Cloud is the solution of choice in organizations at 25 percent and is expected to grow to 32 percent of the deployments in 2014
  • The study projects that other cloud deployments in the continent are set to grow with Hybrid Cloud at 18 percent and Public Cloud at 16 percent in 2014.

The study further says that approximately 17 percent of data centre traffic will be run by end users accessing clouds for web surfing, video streaming, collaboration and connected devices, all of which contribute to the Internet of Everything, which is the networked connection of people, data, process and things.



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