Rwanda & Republic Of Congo Sign An ICT Development Deal



Rwanda’s Ministry of Youth and ICT and the Congo-Brazzaville’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that provides a cooperation framework between both institutions.

This agreement provides for cooperation between the two governments on ICT development and serves as a basis for promoting trade relations through information exchange on ICT products, capacity building, and market and business opportunities.

It also covers IT, telecommunications, cyber security, ICT capacity building, private sector investment, incubation centres, innovation promotion and local content development, and regulation of the ICT sector, among others

Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the Minister for Youth and ICT, told local media that the agreement open the ICT market opportunities between the two countries.

“About 22 Rwandan ICT companies presented their ICT products to over 50 firms in the Franco-phone state with the aim of creating strong partnerships in ICT,” said Alex Ntale, the director of ICT Chamber at the Private Sector Federation.

Ntale said the ICT chamber has been working with several institutions in Congo-Brazzaville since 2012.

In June, South Korea’s largest telecom company, Korea Telecom, signed an agreement with Rwanda to roll out 4G Long Term Evolution broadband network across the country.

The high speed wireless broadband technology builds on 5,000KM of fibre optic cable that is laid out across the country.

Early this year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), 2013 report ranked  Rwanda among the top 10 countries in Africa that are in  a good position to benefit from new information and communication technologies.

The survey that assessed the capacity of 144 developed and developing economies to leverage ICT for growth and well-being, highlighted  several aspects, including a country’s market and regulatory framework in advancing ICT for inclusive development.