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Top 15 Gifts For Your Geek Boo This Christmas

by Sam Wakoba
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1. For those who like bread and StarWars, this toaster is perfect!


2. For those who like tea, coffee and porridge, this mugs will never leave their hands

geek123. For the Cool J’s, ladies love them….

geek114. For lack of places to go, they just play all weekend!geek10

6.For those who leave no screw untouched!

geek97. The beauty and the beast


8. For those who like indoors


 9. For time keepers who also want to spy on everything..geek710. For the always on guy or girl, this will do!

geek611. For the Elon Musk kind of guy

geek512. For those who want stuff delivered by drones, this play thing is great!


13. Just a simple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can work wonders on his or her Christmas tree!


14. Pillow and matching hoodie will do!


15. This toy butterfly kills it!geek 15


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