Home Mobile iPhone 5c AND 5s FINALLY IN KENYA.


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The most amaizing versions of iPhone that are 4G compatible with a thinner and lighter feel hit the Kenyan market mid last week thanks to Orange.

The telco is focused on delivering value for the discerning smart phone user, enabling ease of access to their social and office lives wherever they are. In the increasing digital world, the devices will deliver variety and versatility.

The latest Apple phone models will be available starting at sh72,599 for the 16 GB model and sh81,899 for the 32 GB model of 5c and sh85,699 for the 16 GB model and sh98,699 for the 32 GB model of the 5s.

The 5s comes complete with A7 chip and is a 64 bit smart phone making it first in the world. The A7 chip is bolstered by the M7 co-processor making the super slim phone energy efficient with desktop class architecture while the iPhone 5c comes in a wide variety of colors with the merge of a plastic exterior and reinforced steel frame beneath providing the device structural integrity.

With an in-built A6 apple designed chip, the device’s performance is first and the user enjoys an enhanced wireless technology and better battery life. The new device is in-corporated with simpler icons and new features that make the most of technology within the gadget.

“The launch of these two smart devices is consistent with the company’s brand promise of providing innovative products, services and solutions relevant to our market segments and add value proposition to our customers,” said CEO, Mickael Ghossein.




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