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East African Data Centre Hosts Kenya Internet Exchange Point

by Sam Wakoba
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Data center - 1East Africa’s largest Internet Exchange Point, the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP) has chosen the East Africa Data Centre has beat other seven other firms to host KIXP to support its future growth objective of being the regional Internet exchange point for East Africa – and could guarantee connectivity, security and power supply.

According to Fiona Asonga, TESPOK Chief Executive Officer in a statement “This is an important strategic decision for the Kenyan telecom market as we herald a new future for Interconnection in Kenya and the region as a whole.  We are extremely happy with our choice of The East Africa Data Centre.  It has an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service”.

Said to be East Africa’s largest and most sophisticated, the East Africa Data Centre launched in September in Nairobi and offers carrier-neutral, secure and reliable space for dedicated hosting, interconnect services, co-location, disaster recovery, network-based services, applications and cloud services to carriers, network providers and enterprises from across the continent.  Customers present in the building include banks, mobile network operators, ISPs and cloud solutions providers.

KIXP enables Kenyan ISPs to easily exchange traffic within Kenya without having to use multiple international hops.  KIXP frees international links from congestion, speeds up data and reduces costs and delays. The East Africa Data Centre will help it achieve its objectives conveniently.

“KIXP’s confidence in us confirms the quality of our offering. By keeping African data within the continent we are all helping to build Africa’s digital future,” said Dan Kwach, General Manager at The East Africa Data Centre.

The migration of KIXP to East Africa Data Centre began on 1December 2013 and is expected to end on 14 February 2014.


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