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Your ‘Zish’ Is The Start-up’s Command

by Caroline Vutagwa
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What better way can one pass a message to a loved one than sending gifts and treats; well, people of Ghana will now have the pleasure of doing this through Zished.

It defiantly will not matter where the person is because this start-up will partner with local vendors and small business to bring out the best offers in Ghana, which is currently the pilot country. 

So if you want to send a cake, pamper people with a spa treatment, want your loved one to experience fine dining in the finest establishments in their city; Whatever the occasion the start-up aims to deliver an awesome experience, that you can trust to make you look good and your loved ones feel great.

The platform was developed for both locals and Africans in the Diaspora, they enable customers to order gifts no matter where they are, ensuring they never miss a chance to show their loved ones how much they care.

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