CEO Weekends: Increased Innovation in Mobile Broadband & Media in 2014 says Pyramid




This year will be a year of transformation, suggest Pyramid Research. The research institute says, in a report that there will be increased competition and innovation, particularly around mobile broadband and media.

The new report; Pyramid Research Predictions 2014: Global and Regional Trends in the Information, Communications and Technology Industry provide key insights into top market trends.

“We anticipate that 2014 will be a year of transformation. The introduction of sub-$50 Smartphone is one of the most transcendental events we expect will take place in 2014, as mass availability of Smartphone’s will mean empowering underpenetrated populations and bringing them one step closer to the networked economy and its benefits,” explains Daniel Amparán, Managing Director at Pyramid Research.

This new report says that globally, over 40 percent of some 7bn mobile subscriptions will be on 3G+ networks by year-end 2014; LTE will make up merely 4 percent of the total. Across emerging markets, Chinese device vendors led by Lenovo will make strong gains outside their home market, disrupting Apple’s and Samsung’s positions in the mid-range and high-end smartphone segments.

This year almost one in every three mobile subscriptions in Africa and the Middle East will be on 3G or more advanced networks. Pyramid expects that the 2014 world cup in Brazil give a 15 percent boost to mobile data revenue in Brazil and that nearly 4m new pay-TV subscriptions will be added during 2014.

“Pyramid Research is the only firm in the industry with a heritage of more than 25 years in emerging markets. We are proud to be considered the partner of choice of industry leaders in the converged global communications, media and technology industries, and look forward to sharing our top predictions for this exciting year ahead,” says Amparán.

Pyramid Research offers practical solutions to the complex demands our clients face in the global telecommunications, media and technology industries. Our analysis is uniquely positioned at the intersection of emerging markets, disruptive technologies and innovative business models, powered by the bottom-up methodology of our market forecasts for more than 100 countries—a distinction that has remained unmatched for more than 25 years.

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