Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ Feat. Jay Z – is it a diss to Rihanna


Just in case you’ve been hanging out under a rock this holiday season, Beyoncé shocked the world last month, on Dec 13, with the surprise release of a new, self-titled album, which came complete with 17 music videos. One of two singles released thus far, Drunk in Love has elicited more discussion than any other track on the set, thanks to its frank depiction of female sexuality as well as the presence of her rap-mogul husband. In the new video, Beyonce looks super sexy on the beach twerking and dancing in a scandalous bikini. Naturally, her hubby is right there too!

Jay Z has always been Rihanna‘s mentor, and has even collaborated with her on hits like “Run This Town.” However, it appears that now his wife Beyonce could be throwing shade at the singer — she gets super sexy in her new black and white video, “Drunk In Love.” We know that the ladies have had beef in the past — is this another diss?


Over Timbaland‘s minimalistic mix of Arabic-scale vocal arpeggios and scintillating synth-strings, Bey spins an opulent narrative of lust in the club, before passing the mic to Jay Z for a hot-and-heavy penultimate verse. Hype Williams crafts the cut’s equally steamy cinematic accompaniment. Feeling it? If you haven’t already, climb out from under the aforementioned rock and cop BEYONCÉ, available now wherever fine music is sold.

However, it kind of reminds us of a song that Rihanna would do. Not only does it have a ridiculously close title to RiRi’s hit, but the lyrics and the video are super sexual, much like many by the Barbados singer (you’ve seen “Pour It Up” right?).

Who knows — but if you read the lyrics to Bey’s new song — it definitely sounds like a song Rihanna would sing! Personally I love it and its my best song so far this year, whats your verdict on it.