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LG Wins Valentine’s Day in Africa With New Power Cut Evercool Refrigerator


As thousands celebrate Valentine’s day in Africa, LG Electronics has unveiled the Power Cut Evercool refrigerator which for the first time offers seven hours of cooling in the fridge compartment and 10 hours of cooling in the freezer without power.

The new product is in response to erratic power supply and extended power cuts in most parts of the country that often leaves home appliances such as refrigerators ineffective.

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However, companies like LG are now putting their thinking caps on to find solutions for these particular pain points. Powered with the Innovative Power Cut Evercool Technology, the new range of LG Frost Free Refrigerators provides the longest cool air retention in the refrigerator section for more than seven hours during long power cuts.

“We manufacture products that fit the needs of our consumers and this launch is another cutting-edge technological innovation based on customers’ insights and the need to provide human-centric technological solutions” said Oktae Kim, the Home Appliances Product Manager LG East Africa.

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The patented cutting-edge technology works by incorporating a valve in the fridge that opens when the power fails. The valve circulates refrigerants inside the unit’s extra evaporators to retain cooling. So whenever there is a power cut, it provides cooling at all sections of the refrigerator and retains it for seven hours.

“Evercool is a ‘Triple Cooling System’ with three evaporators. The main evaporator works with power and the two other evaporators work without power. So now you can enjoy your chilled beverages and avoid spoilage of dairy and other food products even if there’s a long power cut,”said Mr Kim.

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LG Evercool refrigerators have specially designed ice trays which make ice 20% faster. The new refrigerator features a Convertible Box and Bottle Rack that ensure optimized space utilization. Now, it’s easier to keep vegetables and fruits fresher and crispier as it prevents superfluous moisture from forming while retaining just the right amount of moisture to increase freshness and lifespan.

The grid patterned crisper cover condenses extra humidity and evaporates moisture from the grooved pattern structure, enabling the freshness to last longer. In extremely hot weather, these double door refrigerators would work wonders in saving food from degenerating.

Moreover, its tower LED light is brighter, durable, energy efficient and cooler. Owners of the new refrigerator also need not purchase extra voltage stabilizer as LG refrigerators perform normally even on very low voltages.

“LG’s compressors are durable and therefore we guarantee a 10year warranty on these compressors,” said Mr Kim. LG Electronics, he added, is constantly pushing technological limits to create feature-rich stylish products that meet the global consumer preferences.


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