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Kenya’s Wants to Disrupt Online Property Listings in the Region


2ishi is a real estate portal for advertising real estate listings for real estate agents and individuals who want to sell their property or want to expose them for tenants. The platform also has Home Improvement professionals such as Landscapers, Interior designers etc.

Founded a few months ago by 20-something year-old’s Kuria Karanja and Andrew Gacharah, 2ishi was inspired when the two realized the available portals weren’t that user friendly and despite them having many listings they just didn’t feel like visiting the sites again.

“We didn’t want to stay on the portals because of the way they displayed their data. So we set out to build something that made it more fun to do home search. Emphasis was on design. We knew we could offer something different, something that people will find intriguing and useful at the same,” Kuria told TechMoran.

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2ishi home pageWith 131 listings so far, 2ishi is free at the moment, until it gains traction, then the founders will start charging for monthly subscriptions to people who intend to advertise on the website. They say they have clients in Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombasa at the moment and are moving across the country to have more users on their platform which they say is unmatched.

“Our map feature is unmatched. Our mortgage calculators also act as useful tools in helping our users make informed home buying decisions. We also have a unique way in which we deliver leads to our agents not only relying on emails or calls from clients like other portals do. We also intend to improve the way sellers and buyers communicate via our portal with our upcoming Dashboard feature and an android application,” said Kuria.

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In 2 years 2ishi aims to have tens of thousands of listings and property agents across the country. They also expect to be profitable and venture outside Kenya to the rest of the continent even though it’s not easy.

Initialy based in Nakuru town, the two are moving the firm’s headquarters to Nairobi soon because most of the agents in the town are yet to embrace technology compared to those in Nairobi who have already advertised online before. They urge the youth to do start-ups as there’s a lot that can be done and learned first hand and emulating Dave McClure, “18 months of working in a start-up is better than 18 months of an MBA.”

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Sam Wakoba
Sam Wakoba
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