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This is What Nigerians Ate on Valentine’s Day

by Sam Wakoba
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From Hellofood’s 250 restaurants in Lagos and Abuja, Nigerians celebrated the Valentine’s Day by ordering personalised cakes and chocolate selections more than any other food.

According to the firm, approximately 20% of daily food orders received through the site and mobile app include desserts and traditional cakes. Especially, extravagant creations often personalised with a special message of love are what vendors really cash in on, on Valentine’s Day.

“In the upcoming weeks, we are expecting an overall increase in orders, especially since 1st and 8th of March which both fall on a Saturday. This is an ideal day for lovers who choose to celebrate in the privacy of their home with a romantic dinner for two. Many of the restaurants registered on have already prepared special menus for people in love, so those who want a special dessert can always choose between a red velvet, decorated sponge or black forest chocolate cake”, said James Gibson, Country Manager

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