Rocket Internet’s Lamudi Officially Launches in Uganda



Rocket Internet’s Lamudi, has today launched in Uganda and is aiming to be the country’s largest online property portal in the housing market by meeting the demands of the Ugandan population in major cities.

The site was live for use in the country by October 2013 and has signed up a umber of properties. The firm said Lamudi global has over one million monthly visitors across 21 countries around the world and its launch in Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja aims to make it the biggest in the country.

Shakib Nsubuga, Lamudi Uganda Country Manager stated: “In 2013, according to the World Bank there were 36.4 million people in Uganda and figures show that is further increasing. A service of this type is needed to further support Uganda’s fast growing real estate market especially in the big cities like Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and surrounding areas. Currently, there is an increased demand for more affordable housing, with only a fraction being currently met. This remarkable growth is due to an increase in local and foreign investment, population growth (2.89%), an emerging middle class, and increased diaspora property investment.”

In 2013, figures from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics show that the real estate sector in Uganda have fluctuated and is now seen as one of the major sectors of the country’s economy. Lamudi’s presence in Uganda goes a long way in supporting the economy with a commission free service – great for individuals and agencies alike and users’ access to reliable property information at users’ fingertips.

The business currently operates in 21 countries worldwide and is constantly expanding and improving its global operations to meet each countries property buyers and seller’s needs.