CEO Weekends: Bharti Airtel Launches Pocket TV.


pocket tv

Airtel has launched a mobile app that enables viewers to watch their favorite TV programmes while on the move.

The ‘pocket TV’ has over 150 Live TV channels and more than 10,000 hours of video content and over 13 channels on anytime TV now offering subscribers a never-before library of video content which is available at an affordable price.

“The app is a convergence of the TV and mobile phone and its launch follows the success of Airtel Digital TV’s innovative offering of Twitter on TV, which was the first global convergence of Twitter and TV,” said Airtel’s  statement.

The Airtel Digital TV app is available for download on the Android play stores and is available on all smartphones and tablets with Android version 2.1 onwards. The app will also be available on the iOS platform soon followed by other platforms.