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FrienditePlus Revamps its Design | Syncs Your Profile Updates to Your Social Profiles

by Sam Wakoba
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10168097_637080016371476_116805503979226472_n FrienditePlus has launched its new design with user friendliness, advanced applications and ability of users to post onto their social networks simulataenously.

The update also comes with live video and audio sharing.

Founded by 21 year-old Emmanuel Okeke FrienditePlus aims to connect users to friends and families who share similar interests. Speaking to TechMoran Okeke revamped the site to distinguish it  from its sister dating site Friendite. The  social network is intended for people with similar interests, though we are pretty sure users can still use it to find dates online.

The new changes will help users to share their FrienditePlus updates to other popular social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“Social media is booming day by day so standing on the top is not easy thing, those who know user’s needs realize the need to iontegrate social media on their site and add new utilities and keep their platform’s up to date and fun,” Okeke told TechMoran.

“Users of social networking sites are very vigilant, they need a platform with something more, and more…the limit is infinite. FrienditePlus can be assumed a website, which will not get stagnant and keep on improving like her sister website Friendite, a dating website,” Okeke added.

Okeke says  FrienditePlus is now one of the top websites in Nigeria with over 560,000 users.  The new feature also allows users to update their multiple profiles without leaving their FreinditePlus accounts which makes handling and updating them easy and at one place.

The site promises security of personal infotrmation and cautious data handling and doesn’t restrict users on the basis of gender, age, location among others.

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