Telecom Egypt To Add 6 Percent Of Revenues On Top Of The $3.6M For MVNO License



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Egypt’s national telco company, Telecom Egypt will be paying 6 percent of the revenue to the regulator from its MVNO.

This will cater for part of the license fee payment; of course after they have paid the initial LE2.5 billion ($3.6 million)MVNO license fee.

Telecom Egypt, which is 80 percent owned by the government, and also owns a 45 percent stake in Vodafone’s local subsidiary is expected to launch its MVNO within the next few months.

Telecom Egypt has been given a year to resolve its stake in Vodafone, although the company has asked for two years, as that would then tie in with the planned LTE spectrum auction.

Both Telecom Egypt and Vodafone have expressed interests in buying out each other’s stakes in the company, which could lead to interesting negotiations over the next 12-24 months.