Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Gear 2 & Gear Fit Are Now In West Africa




Samsung West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana &Senegal) has uncovered new Galaxy S5 smartphone, alongside the Gear Fit and Gear 2, in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is completely dust proof and can be submerged in up to one metre of water for about 30 minutes. It features a screen that is slightly larger than that of the Galaxy S4, has “best smartphone display ever tested’ by highly-respected gadget display performance calibrators, DisplayMate.

The Galaxy S5 offers 27 percent improvement in display power efficiency over its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, while using 18 percent less display power.

The highlight of the smartphone is a new fingerprint scanner, which is integrated with the device’s home button and provides consumers with a safe, biometric screen-locking feature.

The smartphone comes with a heart rate sensor that helps monitor heart rate during exercise and fitness routines using the S Health service.

Other key features of the Galaxy S5 include an advanced camera system, improved battery capacity and a download booster that can fuse the device’s Wi-Fi and data connections together to provide smoother internet connectivity.

Brovo Kim, MD Samsung Electronics West Africa,  said the Galaxy S5 will redefine how technology innovation enhances quality of life.

“Consumers today are on the lookout for mobile tools that inspire and support them as they improve their everyday lives. The Galaxy S5 represents an iconic design with essential and useful features that focus on delivering the ultimate smartphone on the market today through people-inspired innovation.” he said.

The Gear 2, an upgrade of Samsung’s original Gear device, incorporates a 1.63-inch screen, a 2-megapixel camera that is now located on the device’s screen, a sensor that enables usage of the device as a television remote control and a personal fitness coaching guide.

The Gear Fit is the industry’s first curved super AMOLED display and merges the convenience of Samsung Gear technology with comprehensive fitness tools that empower consumers to stay physically active without sacrificing personal style or mobile connectivity.

The Gear Fit  has a lightweight swappable strap and provides instant notification for incoming calls, e-mails, text messages and much more. both Gear devices are dust and water-resistant.

Samsung also announced that the new Galaxy S5 smartphone will feature Samsung Premium, an advanced version of the company’s original 24-month accidental damage from handling (ADH) warranty.

Under this, consumers will receive a substitute device in the event of screen or liquid damage to their Galaxy S5, at no extra charge.

Samsung will also be offering a trade-in and upgrade programme for consumers who purchase the Galaxy S5, guaranteeing the future value of the device by up to 25 percent, to be used on the purchase of consumers’ next premium Samsung Galaxy device.