Intel Launches Code for Good to Pair Kenyan Developers with Local NGOs


intel-WallpaperIntel has launched Code for Good to connect developers with NGOs and help them develop tech solutions that address issues faced by NGOs in the communities that they work in.

The firm has drawn over 70 developers, 20 of whom are ladies drawn from Akirachix. The 70 will provide IT solutions to challenges faced by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the communities they serve.

The hackathon dubbed “Intel Code for Good” will culminate in a 12 hour coding and showcase session to be held in Nairobi on the 13th of June.

Agatha Gikunda Intel Software Services Group Lead said, “NGOs and the communities they serve are plagued by numerous challenges and issues that could easily be tackled by technology, but often remain unresolved due to various reasons such as lack of budget, limited technical know-how or even lack of awareness on possible solutions that already exist. Through the hackathon, we hope to open up opportunities for developers to push their boundaries in the technical solutions they come up with and for NGOs to leverage on the solutions that are developed. ”

NGOs looking to benefit from the programme can submit the challenges they face in the form of a problem statement to Each NGO will be allowed to make as many submissions as possible, without having to define what technology solution can be used to tackle the problem. Problems that are likely to have the greatest impact will be selected from these submissions.

The developers will then be paired with an NGO of choice based upon the problems they need solved.  At the end of the 12-hour hackathon, the winning team will work with Intel for continued support. They will get technical support and mentorship from Intel until the solution is complete.

By having NGOs and developers come together for Intel Code for Good, developers will get a chance to discover challenges faced by the NGO sector. This will unlock the potential for a number of IT solutions that can go a long way in benefiting numerous players within this sector.

Developers will benefit by enhancing their skills through learning from other participating developers and tackling new challenges. The developers also benefit by creating new revenue streams through the support of the deployed solutions. Intel code for Good will also be a great opportunity for developers to break into the job market by showcasing their skills and gaining trade experience.

Intel Code for Good is also working with Akirachix to see more girls participate and reduce gender disparity in Kenya’s technology sector.