Equity Bank Unveils MVNO Strategy And Rollout Plan;


Equity  Bank  has officially launched  its Network Operator (MVNOs) strategy and will unveil its roll out plan by July 2014.

The Bank has hailed their MVNO as the ‘next big thing’: Equity 3.0. The Equity MVNO accords Equity Bank the opportunity to continue  its mission of furthering financial inclusion and innovative service offerings for all Kenyans by  presenting  their  financial  services  offering  on  to  a single  platform  which  will  make  banking  services  more accessible, flexible convenient and more affordable.   

Meanwhile, Equity has said it has developed a  strategic  partnership  with Airtel which will  support  Equity’s  delivery  of MVNO services without  the capital investment  required by  traditional mobile operators. These lower costs will be passed onto Equity Bank members via innovative, affordable, next generation products and services.  “New skills combined  with  new  systems  and  cutting  edge  innovation  will  yield  immense  benefits  that  we  will  pass  to  our members,” says Dr. James Mwangi, CEO of Equity Bank Group,  “In this venture of enhancing our mobile banking offering, we are, as always, driven by our focus of making financial services convenient, accessible, affordable and inclusive.”


As  the  host  and  partner  operator  for  Equity  Bank,  Airtel  said  it  is  delighted  to  be  the mobile  operator  that  is pioneering this  innovation  in the Kenyan Telecoms Industry. The company stated that the MVNO services will run on the excess capacity on its network, ensuring that it maintains seamless quality experience to its consumers.

Airtel Kenya CEO Adil Youssefi commended Equity Bank on the move to pioneer the MVNO initiative in Kenya saying that “The launch of MVNOs is in line with Airtel Kenya’s innovation and differentiation agenda. We believe that the entry of the MVNOs into the market will stimulate and sustain overall market growth through a new range of innovative products and service propositions that will give more choice and value to Kenyans. Additionally, their entry into  the market will increase  the uptake of mobile services  in key segments such as mobile commerce and data  thereby  accelerating  the  inclusion  of  all  Kenyans  into  the  mobile  revolution  for  sustained  economic development of the country”. 


In  preparation  for  roll  out,  Equity  Bank  has stated that it has  put  in  place  adequate  human  resource  and  technology  to  ensure efficient service delivery. A 300 seat customer contact center fully integrated with voice and social media is now operational 24 hours 7 days a week and staff have undergone intense training on effective customer service and experience.