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MTN Uganda Roaming Users Can Perform All Mobile Money Transactions At No Extra Cost

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Customers of MTN Uganda are now able to send and receive money and do all other Mobile Money transactions while roaming at the normal local transaction fees. The roaming customer is only charged an additional 80/- for each transaction message. The rate is with effect from Friday 23rd May 2014.

MTN Chief Marketing Officer Ernst Fonternel said: “For every Mobile Money transaction, there are usually notification SMS messages during a transaction. These SMS’s are not charged when in Uganda however when these SMSs are generated internationally using external networks during roaming, MTN incurs a costs. While every effort is made to keep transaction costs to our customers as low as possible, we can’t ignore actual costs incurred and therefore effective 23rd May 2014 MTN will be charging 80/- per transaction message.”

He attributed MTN Uganda’s steady customer growth with 9.5 million customers to its excellent services like MTN Mobile Money, the fast and affordable Internet connectivity and most importantly to the innovations aimed at making the lives of customers a whole lot better.

“We always strive to simplify the lives of our customers by developing relevant and timely services.It’s from this background thatourMobile Money servicesare now made available even while our customersare roaming, to either send money home or to pay bills. We intend to continue coming up with offers, services and products that gives our customers a reliable and affordable way to stay in touch with their loved ones back at home, while away on travel. Roaming services are extremely important to our customers and we are focusing on making roaming simpler and more affordable to all our customers,” said the Chief Marketing Officer.

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