CEO Weekends: Nigeria’s Washlify Aims to Clean All Your Laundry in Minutes



Set to be launched in June in Nigeria, Washlify, is like US’s or South Africa’s Washr aim to make trips to the Laundromat a thing of the past.

Nigeria’s Washify founded by Hassan Abdulhamid wants to make the laundry work a piece of cake.

Washify wants you to stop doing your Laundry and are building an app for online scheduling and ordering platform for local laundry and dry cleaning businesses. The firm says a user enters their email address then the application to dectect your location and find you the nearest laundromat and then allow you to share your latest laundry order with your friends on social media and also see their reviews and comments.

So with your app, you  order the nearest laundrymat and schedule your wash to be picked and wait for it to be delivered. The app will also help users discover new laundromats around their vicinity.