South Africa’s Happiness Wants to be King of the Natural Animal Healthcare Market


happinesAs life gets more busier and burdensome, man turns to friends and family for comfort and to most people, family can just be a pet but modern living can be stressful for animals too and make it difficult for them to experience their natural wellbeing.

Cape Town-based Happiness Is, a manufacturer and online retailer of quality, eco-friendly herbal products for animal wellbeing founded by Jimmy Symmonds, a Veterinarian with training in herbal medicine and Acupuncture and Cara Harris with an MA in Neuropsychology from UCT with a cross over into animal behavioural science, say they understand the health and behavioural needs of animals and their owners, and they too, have  the critical skills set that pet owners can trust.

Speaking to TechMoran Harris says,” More and more people are turning to more natural ways to promote their health; and they want the same for their pets. But finding eco-friendly animal healthcare products is almost impossible.  Our goal is to create and sell quality herbal products to promote pet wellbeing – for happy animals and a happy planet too.”

“Our products: Happy Hound stressfree and Happy Cat stressfree help make it easy,” adds Harris, “(as they) contain calming herbs recognised for their relaxing effects on the nervous system. They provide herbal support to ease anxiety and promote relaxation, help animals cope with stress, adapt to change and ease stress-related behaviours and illness.”

happnessNow with over  800 visitors and 300 product sales a month, the firm is committed to pioneering the growth of the natural animal healthcare market in South Africa for happy animals and a happy planet too.  Happiness Is is slightly ahead of the time in terms of the local market, they are certainly not the case in terms of the global market Harris says adding that the firm has just one direct competitor in South Africa and a couple of indirect, but none with the same form or matching its in-house professional expertise and experience plus eco-friendly credentials.

happCurrently bootstrapping, the firm says its ready to consider funding to help it take the business to the next level by helping it find the  best quality medical grade ingredients, source eco-friendly packaging and up its local manufacture and delivery system to its clients doorsteps.

In the meantime, Happiness is maximising on its excellent customer service pre and post sales and adherence to medical and legal regulations by sending its products through the Medicines Controls Council of South Africa.