Instagram Comes to My Nokia X


instagramI have been using Nokia X for several months now, and I go to places I want to stick with moments for long. But just taking photos means I don’t share the moments with my friends, so today i was so glad I could download Instagram and join the 200 plus million users worldwide and easily take photos, filter and share them.

So if you are in the Nokia X or Nokia XL family, head to the Nokia Store and download Instagram for free. You will be asked to register or sign in with Twitter or Facebook, then friend you’re ready to start sharing your photos. You can take photos directly from within the app, or select them from your phone’s photo gallery. You can also share short videos with your Instagram friends; load up the in-app camera and tap the video camera icon.

Instagram on Nokia X also includes a Direct Messaging feature, allowing you to send private photos and videos to other Instagram members.  Various effects can be added to your snaps to help give them a different feel. There are also additional framing and tilt-shift options.

Nokia X is an affordable range of smartphones that run on Android™ apps though minus several Google services.