Ghanaian Farmers To Go Digital Through Satellite Information Service


Farmers in Ghana will now be able to receive and request for scientific information on weather, soil and crop related conditions of their farms thanks to Syecomp Business Services Limited,

The leading Ghanaian geospatial survey and mapping company is expected to launch a service to provide meteorological information services on agriculture for smallholder and commercial farmers being the first service of its kind in Ghana

The company’s Chief Operations Manager Mr. Solomon Elorm Allavi said that the negative impact of climate change, water scarcity and food security on the productivity of smallholder and commercial farmers in Ghana needs to be addressed through innovative scientific approaches.

“The use of quantitative, geospatial data obtained from farmlands and its effective transformation into qualitative information understandable by farmers is a unique game-changer to challenges faced by farmers in Ghana with regards to plant growth, field moisture, yield determination and mineral deposits”, said Mr. Solomon

He added that even in seasons of abundant water, knowledge on appropriate use is very limited. The use of satellite and remote sensing data to assist farmers in their decision-making is thus essential for improved productivity, high yields and improvement in their economic livelihoods.

On the other hand he further expressed that the technology will be used to empower the farmers  via an interactive web platform and information disseminated through voice, SMS, and in print according to the request of the farmers and other stakeholders in the business at hand