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Nigerian Primary School Launches Africa’s 1st Pupil LearnPad.

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St. Saviour school Lagos today celebrates Africa’s first Primary school pupil LearnPad thanks to Avantis who built and designed it specifically for use in schools and the classroom.

The e-learning technology is a touch sensitive tablet that provides a safe and simple way to access a vast range of e-learning content, including applications, websites and flash based activities as well as videos, music, e-books, documents and other digital curriculum content, even as it is internet enabled.

The government hopes to improve teaching and learning due to the schools giant strides. “This is a wonderful innovation and commendable I think should be replicate in our schools. As time goes on we will see how it goes. It is a thing about the budget which we have to look into.”

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“We have a robust ICT plan for Lagos State, not just the schools. For instance, we have about 200 schools that are ICT compliant and we are developing them in phases. Each term, more schools are added. It is an ongoing process and cannot be done in a day.”  Mrs. Abimbola Fashola, wife of Lagos State Governor Told communications week.

St Saviours was also the first to be internet compliant , first to have a computer laboratory, first to have a science laboratory as well as take up ICT as a core subject in Nigeria. The LearnPad is however a different development considering it has been strictly built for pupil and teacher operation. The gadgets will enhance access to to elaborate or world wide teaching resources, language laboratory, continuous updates in the latest teaching and learning material .

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“LearnPad features a secured, customizable user interface, providing a safe way for students to access only approved applications, content and websites. It has an integrated, secure full screen web browser that limits pupil’s ability to access non-approved sites and helps keep them focused on the activity at hand.” Said Alisa Griffiths, head teacher, St Saviour’s school.

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