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Kenya’s Campus Discounts Lauches to Save Students On Shopping Deals

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Campus Discounts, a new platform just launched in Kenya aims to be the largest platform where university students get receive discounted offers for goods and services posted by businesses located around their respective campuses.

Accessible via a website and available as an android application, Campus Discounts allows businesses to post discounted offers to specific university campuses. Students can thereafter, view these offers by simply visiting the site or even more conveniently by installing the mobile app on compatible android smartphones from Google PlayThe app is also available on the Amazon app store and will soon be launched on Apple app store.

Although viewing any discount offer is free and does not require user login, posting an offer comes at a minimal cost of Kshs. 1,000 per month, Kshs. 5,500 per 6 months and Kshs. 10,000 per year for businesses. A post can contain media such as a main image, an image gallery, audio, videos and even document or zipped attachments such as price lists.

“Our packages are very affordable, the priciest translates to just Kshs. 33 a day and gives businesses the platform to frequently and directly reach out to tens of thousands of students. It is far cheaper than traditional radio, TV and print media yet more effective. As a kick-start bonus, we are currently running a free month promotion for businesses registering before 30th June 2014,” added Don Omondi the founder and CEO.

This unique platform embeds the use of a mixed variation of media types per post which gives superior and memorable ad impression. Furthermore, businesses get a complementary website for free at My Online Biz. This serves to further boost their online presence, a vital component for marketing growth.

Students can also opt to register on the site to receive added benefits over and above the free viewing of discounts. A student account is free and upon registration, the student can comment on discount offers, rate them, report them if misleading and subscribe to a specific campus to receive instant notifications.The student account grants access to an advanced search function that gives them the ability to search throughout the database for specific offers using tags such as clothing, food, and even alcohol.

“Students are a vibrant and resourceful group of people, but they are also a group running on a tight budget. Students who register on our site would derive even greater benefits most importantly the ability to fine tune their search for specific discounts and subscribe to their campus feed. Businesses that continuously offer quality products at a discount amount will endear themselves to this market segment and secure un-fledging loyalty in the process.”

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