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EpicLeaf Launches to Solve Your Recruitment Problems

Get-Hired-Fast-Help-Me-Find-a-Job-Career-ChangeI am big fan of job sites, not because I am job seeking but I want to know which firms are hiring and for which positions. I also know one or two people looking for jobs so the email alerts are pretty significant for me.

With thousands of firms advertising jobs everyday and receiving document applications via email, it sounds more cumbersome and very disorganized especially for a position that gets hundreds of applications.

EpicLeaf is a new startup that aims to disrupt this by allowing firms to be able to receive, store, review and organize video and document CV’s via a simple and easy to use control panel.

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By receiving video CV’s along with the document CV’s,  EpicLeaf.com believes the HR department will have an easier time knowing which candidates to shortlist, since video adds a touch of personality, which document CV’s alone cannot offer.

Speaking to TechMoran, Nicholas Too, EpicLeaf founder said, “The inspiration for this startup first came through a personal experience. I was working on another unrelated product that needed a team of sales people. After the job was advertised, over 900 document applications were received.”

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“The problems were as much as the document CV’s were present, there was no way of knowing which of the hundreds of candidates should be shortlisted, as the job requires the sales team to pitch to CEO’s, this means that the sales team needed to be well spoken and presentable. Unless you go through the tedious process of calling all the applicants in and then interview them one-by-one, there was no way of knowing quickly and easily which candidates should be shortlisted.”

Too says another problem was that email inbox had too many CV’s that it was difficult to be organized and then they began receiving spam as their firms emial address had been exposed on various online job boards, so the idea for EpicLeaf was born.

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“In this age, digital video cameras are everywhere, especially those that are on phones, so why not harness it’s abundance to aid in productivity?” Too says.

EpicLeaf is targeting businesses in all industries, small, medium or large, locally or internationally as long as they are recruiting.  Currently the platform is in English, thus the service will be usable in English speaking countries, but it will soon be available in other languages, thus allowing them to enter into new countries.

Locally, BrighterMonday and Employfy have talked of launching video CV’s. EpicLeaf aims to revolutionize the recruitment process by making the process efficient through the use of technology and multimedia. EpicLeaf is free for Job seekers while employers pay $0.2 per Video

Image credits:www.myinfosecjob.com


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