CEO Weekends: Afraid Of Mobile Technology? Get The Nokia 220




Now here is a phone for those afraid of technology, or rather those who care less about the advancing mobile technology, the Nokia 220.

This phone has an endearing price point, dual SIM, has a simple design and most of all it will get you online. It is the best phone for you who is less concern about the processing speeds, super-AMOLED screens and the 100MP camera.

The Nokia 220 comes pre-installed with the Nokia Xpress Browser and Microsoft Bing search. Through this simple device you can get your granny to tweet all day long as apps like Facebook and Twitter are also built in.

making sharing photos (taken with the two-megapixel camera) or sending birthday wishes easier than ever before, even for novice users just entering the world of the web.

The Nokia 220 also has a flash light, is highly durable, has a battery life of upto 15hours of talk time and of course comes in an attractive array of colors.

So don’t feel shy to get yourself one or at least for someone who is not bothered by Mobile technology advancement.