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Season Treats From Nokia: Ramadhan Apps Are Now Available On Windows Phone & Nokia X

by Caroline Vutagwa
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A range of new Ramadan relevant applications are now available for the Windows Phone range of Lumia smartphones, as well as the Nokia X family. The new Ramadan relevant applications includes the feature packed Ramadhan Duas, Holy Qur’an and Names of ALLAH apps designed especially for the month of Ramadan.

“We continue to experience growth in the number of app submissions on all of our platforms, and we want to have the most relevant applications and services for all of our customers,” said Moses Sitati, Developer Experience, Microsoft.

Some of the latest Islam and Ramadan apps available on the store include the following:

  • Holy Qur’an –  A Quran App is the complete Quran in Arabic Font. It also has verse-by-verse translation and recitation, as well as full text search. You can listen to the recitation while connected to internet, or you can download the recitation for offline use. The app is fully customizable allowing you to change font size, type or color. Currently there are more than 35 translations available such in languages like English, Albanian, Amazigh, Arabic, Chinese, Urdu and more.
  • Asma ul Husna – This app allows you to know all names of Allah, allowing one to learn the names, as well as having a useful voice feature.
  • Ramadhan Duas – This application helps Muslims around the world understand more about the Holy Month of Ramadan, and benefits and rewards of fasting through prayers and authentic Ahadith. The main features include Duas and Ahadith numbered according to the days in Ramadan, with Duas given in Arabic with English translation for clarification of the meaning of the dua. Every dua contains its Arabic audio recitation, with the prayers for keeping and breaking a fast are also included.

Other available Ramadhan apps on Windows Phone include Quran Lite, Al Quran in 12 voices, Athan+, Prayer Way and Salatok, all of which can easily be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.

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