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Rocket Internet Launches SpaceWays |New On-Demand Storage Service

by Sam Wakoba
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header_testimonialLargest internet incubator incubator Rocket Internet has today launched SpaceWays, an on-demand storage service in London targeting the city’s highly mobile population.
SpaceWays provides a flexible on-demand storage solution for £6 per month in its large heavy-duty boxes and free pick-up service that eliminates the hassle of bringing items to a remote self-storage location. Boxes can be returned for £19, irrespective of how many boxes are returned, and delivery can be arranged for a convenient time for the customer. The company works with professional drivers to provide reliable customer service and ensure the safe handling of all items, which are then stored in SpaceWays’ CCTV-monitored storage facility just outside the city.According to Rob Rebholz, co-founder at SpaceWays, “We are excited to bring SpaceWays to life and provide an affordable, simple and convenient storage solution for all Londoners. SpaceWays will revolutionise the way people store items that they don’t need on a daily basis or don’t have room for.”


The average UK family home has declined in size by two square meters from 98.8m² to 96.8m² in the last decade, according to a 2013 report published by financial services firm Liverpool Victoria. As a result, people are often dissatisfied with the amount of space in their homes as the Royal Institute of British Architects revealed recently. According to their study 57% of people surveyed felt there was not enough storage space in their homes. SpaceWays thus aims to provide a highly flexible and innovative storage solution to London’s residents and even SMEs that lack space.

Underlining the potential of SpaceWays, co-founder David Fuchs explains the reasoning behind their project: “London is not only one of the biggest cities in Europe, but also one of the most expensive places per square meter in the world. With a population density of 13,690 people per square mile, space has become a valuable commodity. Given that the UK storage industry has been consistently growing, with over £385m traded last year, we believe there is huge growth potential for SpaceWays and the service we offer. Via our on-demand storage service people can free up valuable space in their homes without the inconvenience of bringing stuff to a remote storage location.”

How it works

SpaceWays provides a simple on-demand storage solution that no longer requires customers to haul stuff back and forth to a self-storage facility. Customers simply go to www.spaceways.co.uk and indicate how many storage boxes they need or which bulky items they want to store, and SpaceWays’ experienced drivers will deliver heavy-duty containers to their doorstep. When customers have finished packing, the boxes are collected and stored in SpaceWays’ secure CCTV-monitored facility just outside London. One box is £6 per month, with a three months minimum contract. The redelivery of the customer’s boxes costs £19, regardless of the number of boxes. There are no hidden fees or complicated contracts.

Who is SpaceWays for?

SpaceWays can be used by students, wanting to store their belongings while on exchange abroad,  young professionals struggling to find a place for their winter clothes, for families unwilling to part with their childrens’ old toys and clothes. And it is for businesses looking for a convenient solution to archive their files. Spaceways creates new ways into space for everyone.


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