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by Sam Wakoba
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1013674_316191555182241_1122004798_nUS-based startup, a new, online video-based car buying and selling platform has launched in Kenya in a move to help sellers to showcase their cars by uploading videos that provide invaluable visual information to prospective buyers.

The firm says video will make buying and selling cars easier as it’s Kenya’s first, online video-based automotive portal that allows private sellers and car dealers to showcase their new as well as used cars, by uploading short videos, embedding existing YouTube videos or creating video presentations from pictures.

“Kenya is experiencing a boom in every sector. The automotive industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Everyday more and more Kenyans are searching for vehicles online,” said Shannon Langmeier, CEO of  “Our video portal enables sellers to showcase their cars by uploading videos that provide prospective buyers with a virtual vehicle inspection. By launching in Kenya, we have brought in an innovation that the automotive industry here has never seen before.”

The platform aims to provide a complete and compelling virtual car browsing experience that allows potential buyers from all over the world to access and view car details inside and out like this Car Advertisement. The video comprehensively provides an up close and personal experience to an interested buyer.

Vehicle sales in Kenya have risen significantly in the last few years due to growing demand among the country’s growing middle class who are trading public transport for new, personal cars.

New videos listed by sellers are automatically shared through a variety of popular social media sites thus actively targeting customers and attracting buyers from all over the world.

To top it off, the website has an auto-translate feature that ensures users can interact in a variety of languages on the website, expanding the market for buyers and sellers beyond national borders.
The site aims to serve Kenya, Nigeria, Switzerland and US. One Africa Media’s Cheki and Rocket Internet’s Carmudi might decide to launch video listings too even though they are so involving and time wasting for dealers and will easily swallow Autogenie. The founder also need to rethink the name to be as simple as counterparts Cheki and AutoBazaar and Kenyacarbazaar among others.

Watch some of the listings here.

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