Blackberry Records A $3.1 Billion Financial Balance While Launching The Z3 Smartphone


bb z3


Blackberry has announced its financial balance of $3.1 Billion; this is according to the territory Director, East , West, Central and southern Africa, Charles Asinugo. The Director said this during the launch of Blackberry z3 smartphone in Lagos, Nigeria.

Asinugo said that the company is restructuring and strategizing to make their products better but putting prices in focus.

He added that the Nigerian market is one of the strategic market in the world with great opportunities, hence the need to launch the new smartphone in Nigeria.

The Director noted that the Z3 smartphone is an innovative phone with a fast browsing operating system. Blackberry had to partner with a global solution firm, Firstcom in order to come up with the smartphone that would give customers something cheaper and with a brand perspective.

The launched smartphone has a battery life of up to 50 hours. The Z3 has a 10.3 operating system. It features a stylish design with a5’ touch display an unrivalled messaging and typing experience equipped with Blackberry 10 OS version 10.2.1 and is Android app compatible.The smartphone has a built-in radio and is android enhanced.

Channel Marketing Manager, Blackberry, Ugonna Akhigbe explained that the new Z3 is a replacement of the Z10 Blackberry phones adding that the Z10 may soon be off the market.

The device also offers customers more ways to securely communicate, collaborate and be productive with an experience built on reliable, secure communications.

According to Blackberry, consumers who purchase the Z3 smartphone in the month of July are also entitled to an exclusive app offer worth N8,000 for free when they login to the Blackberry world storefront from their Blackberry Z3 smartphones.