Kenyan Arrested Over Imposting Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko

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It has been a simple task for many to masquerade as any celebrity on social media. But not for Mr. Joseph Gitau Njoki, who has come to the public’s attention for impersonating Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko on social media after allegedly luring victims to fundraise.

Mr. Njoki, now remanded at Pangani Police Station waiting for prosecution by Milimani Law Courts, has been found guilty for using a fake page that goes by the name“Mike Sonko Foundation” coning more than 3,000 unsuspecting victims.

Even more, he is suspected to have registered pseudo M-pesa accounts through the mobile phone numbers: 0705-451798, 0725034379, 0713004255 under Mike Sonko’s identity, so as to receive funds for the alleged foundation.

Yet, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is widely popular in social media for previous controversial photos and regalia. However, Sonko claims that his official Mike Sonko page has so far generated more than 570,000 fans.

Thus, following the incident, members of the public have been requested to ignore other pages, as Senator Mike Sonko has indicated that he does not ask for any cash favours to assist anyone.

In all, victims of the scam have been requested to provide evidence such as transaction details for compensation by Joseph Gitau Njoki.

Njoki’s Criminal Case Number is 2074/2014